Western Hemisphere: Argentina- Province del Monte

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Argentina: del Monte Province


In the north-central part of Argentina there is a province called del Monte. This province spans 2000 km and runs from eastern part of the Andes to a desert called the Pantagonian Desert. It also continues east towards the Pacific Ocean. Within the province you will find many rivers, sparse dry forests, and dry grasslands. This part of Argentina holds one of the biggest dry forest lands in Argentina.

Vegetation in Monte includes many variations of shrubs such as the Evergreen shrub. Perennial grasses are also widely found in this region. Other plants found in the area include cactus, woodlands that are able to thrive in dry environments, and Bromeliaceae. When Monte region receives rain wild irises, lilies, and Portulaca grandiflora. Monte has some forests found along rivers such as the Rio de la Plata. These forests consist of small sized trees that are resistant to drought called Mesquite trees.

The Monte region of Argentina has hot summers (sometimes too hot) and the winters are often cold and snowy. This region gets little rainfall, between 80 and 250 millimeters per year. Certain regions get rain during the summer and others get it year round. The Monte area is experiencing damaging effects because of human activity, such as overgrazing, and deforestation for fuel, agriculture, mining, and finding oil.

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