Thomas County Schools

Thomas County had 94 School Districts. Of these 94 districts only Rexford/Selden, Brewster and Colby remain in operation today. The first school in Thomas County was District #1 Anna Colby(established April 1882-and lasted until 1885). It was located about three miles south of the present site of Colby. Otterbourne was established in 1883 and was in operation until 1946. Hopewell District #9 was established in 1886 and existed for 40 years before it was closed and the students transferred to District #88 or Rexford.

Researching Thomas County Schools could become a class project and add valuable resources to the Museum's collection. For more information and examples on this project contact the Prairie Musuem of History.

Pat Turrell
Colby,Ks 67701

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