Social Division

Shaila Giebler
Social Division in Today’s Society
15 February 2015,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNETmN0vapBpHKVHrkcf21F_V1Nw7g&ust=1424982987631988

Social division is seen throughout many parts of the world. It becomes a focus on ethnic and gender inequalities, for example, social class and race. I personally have experienced the difference in social class that has made a huge difference between two individuals. My best friend was a lower class and different race than me but that didn’t change the bright young woman she became into. We went through many difficulties together starting out, for instance, she couldn’t handle who I was to begin meaning that my color separated us but we grew past it, moved on, and became friends. It seems like a lot these days people don’t care as much about the race but that’s coming from the view of where I live. It most likely is different in a city where there are many races and genders that people communicate with. For instance, in a work place there may be a different worker getting more benefits than others because they are in a different situation in life than you are, that might upset you and contributes to social division.
Not only does social division involve just ethnic and gender but also many, many more categories that our world has endured. One category is social media. Teens are using more social media to communicate with others. Social division in social media mostly occurs in teenagers and young adults. Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and etc. separate the average teen from talking to their piers or just people in general, making them socially awkward. Once they become socially awkward they are all alone and apart from friends and groups they once were apart. Then there becomes depression and loneliness because they have no social life besides the social media they know and use. That might not be the case either some teenagers are very social through media and in person, it just depends on the type of person you are truly. There are some of those kids in every class that always sit in the corner or by themselves at lunch and you ask yourself why? Well that’s because they have a fear of rejection or being made fun of, so they protect themselves by just sticking to what they truly know, them.
Being alone isn’t the only thing that happens over the world, teens also engage themselves among common piers and groups of friends. If one friend started to join a social media then the others would follow because of peer pressure just because it’s cool. Peer pressure isn’t the main focus of this but what is, is the division between them. Back in the day social division occurred daily between the Blacks and Whites. The Blacks weren’t aloud to touch the things White people didn’t and why was that? It was because of their color and how low of job they were able to have. Not only was there division between Blacks and Whites but also between Mexicans and Indians and more races in the world. Class structure became a division as well. The world became into a division of money and what you were born into.
In conclusion, social division doesn’t only involve teens and young adults, but also anyone apart of this world.

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