Philosophy Of Thought And Logic 2015-2016

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Understanding the world through experience and reason.

Everyone has to think in order to function in the world, and this course will equip you with the tools to reason effectively in your pursuit of reliable beliefs and useful knowledge. Whether you are a budding philosopher searching for ultimate truths, a science student grappling with the nature of scientific proof, a new parent weighing conflicting childrearing advice, or a concerned citizen making up your mind about today's issues, the lessons you learn in this course will help you cut through deception and faulty reasoning to get closer to the essence of a matter.

This is equally a course in argument and in reasoning. While you will learn how to reason, you will also learn how to persuade others. And it teaches how to judge and answer the arguments of others and how they will judge yours. This is the very center of a well-educated mind.

Dr. Michael Thompson


Evan Walter
Wiki Essay


Solving problems isn’t always the easiest things to do. We often put ourselves in tough situations only to find out that coming to a conclusion is even harder. When solving problems it is very easy to do what appeals you but may throw others under the bus. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in this situation is be honest with what is reality and what isn’t true. There are definitely people in the world who are good at solving problems, and others that struggle with it.

When confronted with a problem, what is the first thing you think about? Is it, how am I going to get myself out of this situation or what are the immediate consequences of the decision I am about to make? It is very easy to skate around the truth to avoid solving problems. Sometimes the truth never lies and problems we face get very uncomfortable. If we want to be successful at problem solving we have to be honest with what the situation is. Sometimes the truth hurts, but if you avoid the truth, chances are you’ll get caught up in it later.

I am the kind of person who usually gets caught up in solving problems that most the time aren’t even mine. Sometimes it gets me in to trouble and uncomfortable situations. I don’t know how I get roped in to these things but nine times out of ten it’s usually because the person I’m dealing with is a bad problem solver. The people who usually struggle with problems in my opinion are the ones that take life negatively. People who are too over the top about little things drive me crazy because its normal to make mistakes and life happens. The best way to go about it is with a positive attitude. Especially working with others, if you have a positive attitude, then it very well may rub off on them.


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