Panic Attack

Kyler Mastel
Calliham Suzi
9 December 2010
Panic Attacks
Panic Attack are real there not just someone faking freaking out about nothing. Panic attacks are relatively harmless they just feel terrifying they cause no harm. The three main anyone needs to know about Panic Attacks is: the Symptoms, what is a Panic attack, how people handle Panic Attack.
The symptoms of panic attacks are very large and some little to broad to be called a symptom, a few of the symptoms that are associated with panic attacks include: Difficulty breathing, Pounding heart or chest pain, Intense feeling of terror, Sensation of choking or smothering, Dizziness or feeling faint, Trembling or shaking, Sweating, Nausea or stomach ache, Tingling or numbness in the fingers and toes, Chills or hot flashes A fear that you are losing control or are about to die.
What is a panic attack what is a panic attack. A panic attack by a definitions stand point is a sudden episode of extreme fear. Many people have this and many of them just have to deal with what they have. But panic attacks are harmless they are just extreme emotions that the body naturally feels.
Another main part of having Panic attacks is how to deal with having panic attacks. There are a couple of common ways to help keep panic attacks away such as: Take care of your body by eating a well-balanced diet. Include a multivitamin when you can’t always eat right. Another way to keep from freaking out is by hyperventilating into a bag, by doing that means breathing less are which will cause the person to not breath so hard, causing them to calm down. Take time out for yourself every day. Even 20 minutes of relaxation or doing something fun for yourself can be helpful and decrease your overall anxiety level.
Panic attacks are real and it is possible to live with them by following simple instructions eating right and takeing the medication for panic attacks become manageable by knowing the three main things about panic attacks: The symptoms, what it is and, how to live with it.

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