Neat Web 2.0 Tools

These are some neat Web 2.0 tools we have have experimented with. Feel free to recommend other neat tools by posting on this page. Click on the icon to visit the tool site.

Reminder: These tools are not supported by Colby College or Axio Learning. Please do not contact the Help Desk if you encounter problems. They are listed only as helpful resources.

Photo Editing/Sharing/Publishing

Flickr is Yahoo’s online photo storage, management and sharing site that allows for a myriad of both input and sharing options. Geotags and other features help to also make Flickr a photo-based social networking site.
Photoshop Express - Adobe’s free online photo editing program allows for basic editing and 2GB of free storage. web21.jpg
Picasa is a Google Photo Application that has both a free download (for Windows only/allows editing) and a web version (Picasa Web Albums for Windows or MAC – storage only), which allows 1GB storage. web20.jpg
Use Picnik to edit your photos from Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook and more. Includes basic one-touch editing options and a variety of effects. picnik.jpg
JumpCut allows you to upload, edit and share photos and videos (public or private). web19.jpg
Stock.XCHNG is a photo sharing site that allows users to download pics from over 30,000 photographers, royalty-free. Users can also share their own artistic work. web18.jpg
SplashUp allows for both editing (including some layer options) and sharing of photos. web17.jpg

PowerPoint & Other Documents

Upload files of various types to these websites to share them, embed them in networks and blogs, create an RSS Feed for updates, or easily convert them to video files for an iPod.

authorSTREAM is an online presentation sharing engine that allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations online for free. web16.jpg
Slideshare is another online presentation sharing engine. web15.jpg
Scribd includes unlimited memory for documents that can then be embedded into websites and/or shared with the Scribd community for feedback. web14.jpg
280 Slides creates online presentations so you can access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there's no software to download and nothing to pay for – and when you're done building your presentation you can share it any way you like - including an easy download conversion to Powerpoint. 280Slides.jpg

File Converters

YouConvertIt supports file format conversions of Microsoft Office documents, a variety of open office applications, images, sound, graphic and video file formats at no cost. youconvert.jpg
Zamzar allows for a variety of file format conversions. Upload a file or url, and Zamzar will send an email when the converted format is available on their website. web13.jpg
Vixy is an online file converter that accepts flash videos. web12.jpg

Wikis, Websites, and Networking Tools

Google Sites - Google’s wiki-like website builder allows you to build public and private sites. This free program includes 10GB of storage and integration with other Google Apps and services. Users are able to create a site to share information or use it as a wiki for collaboration. web11.jpg
Wetpaint combines wiki, blog and forum technology for users to build online communities around a specific interest. Search existing sites or create your own. web10.jpg
Ning allows you to create your own social network on a topic of your choosing. (Sidenote: If you are interested in the use of Web 2.0 tools in education, check out Classroom 2.0, which was created on Ning). Search existing sites or create your own. web9.jpg
PB Wiki has a business application and an education application for wiki creation. A variety of privacy settings are available. web8.jpg
Wikidot has an education application for wiki creation, with public and private settings. web1.jpg

Screen Capture

Jing - (from TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia) is a free download that allows you to take screen captures – either images that are editable or short, 5 minute videos. Captures can be stored anywhere, including a Tech Smith product called, which may involve a fee, but allows 2GB of storage free currently. web7.jpg
CamStudio is an open-source screen capturing software that is able to record all screen and audio activity on a computer and create AVI’s, which can also be converted into streaming Flash videos. web6.jpg
Wisdom-Soft ScreenHunter is a free screen-capture tool for you to easily take screenshots for PCs. ScreenHunter can capture a full screen, an active window, the client window, or a rectangular area. It automatically saves captures in BMP or JPEG format, so you don't have to stop each time you capture, and you can capture as many as you like. It also can save captures to the Clipboard to be copied to other programs, such as Motion Studio and Word. ScreenHunter has a selectable hot-key capture (F1 to F10) and delayed capture, and uses virtually no system resources on standby. ScreenHunter freeware version has no expiration date and can be distributed free of charge. screenhunter5.jpg

Video Editing

iMovie - Part of the iLife Suite, iMovie (Mac) is now in Version 8. Capture, edit and export videos in a variety of formats. web5.jpg
Windows Movie Maker also allows capture, editing and export of videos in a variety of file formats. web4.jpg

Other Amazing Multimedia Tools

Voicethread allows for the upload of fifteen different types of media that is then available for users to view and share thoughts. Comments can be made via microphone computers, telephones, text and drawing. web3.jpg
GameMaker - YoYo Games uses drag and drop options to create games with no programming skills required. The “lite” version is available for free, and the “professional” version for $20. web2.jpg
Joost - I've been asked where I get my embedded videos for my class sites, Youtube, Teachertube are where I get amateur video, but for TV, Movies, Music Videos, Joost is better. You can watch videos – music, TV, movies and more – over the Internet. You can actually set up a class category and students can "vodcatch" from this site, or you can simply embed the videos you want to show. joost.jpg
Study Stack - You or students enter class data/information to the Study Stack site, the data/information is converted to flash cards, crossword puzzles, hangman, etc. the flash cards and games are then available online or downloadable to print and portable media players, i.e. iPod, cellphone, or PDA. StudyStackLogo.jpg
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