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March 5, 2015
World regional Geography
Linda Davis Stevens

Janea Hope Kushiro Shitsugen
Kushiro Shitusgen ( Kushiro) is a marsh that was turned into a national park found in Hokkaido Japan. Kushiro is home to Tancho and many other forms of wild life. Koshiro is a marsh surrounding many different rivers, also is the largest national park in Japan it was founded in 1987.
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kushiro-shitsugen.jpgKoshiro is home to the last home of Tancho ( Japanese Red Crowned Cranes) for Hokkaido and is the last place Tancho have been able to live in the other tancho had lived in for a time before having a bad weather one winter that almost wiped them to extinction. They were later found in Hokkaido. there numbers at the time had been in the lower thirty's the winter the year they were found almost wiped them out but farmers have started to feed them during winter. Recently they started a feeding center for them.

Kushiro's wildlife consists of different species of birds and fish. The species of birds in Kushiro change according to the seasons such as the Grey Heron Ardea cinerea Ao-s agi) S / R A Japan, which can grow to 1—1.5 m long. They live only in Hokkaido, and the number of adult fish living in the wild is reported to be less than 1,000, so it is often referred to as the illusive fish.
Kushiro was made a national park in 1987 after the Tancho was found in the region. Kushiro is 104 mi sq-ft in size . There are a lot of different bodies of water in the Kushiro region. Here are examples of some of the different bodies of water in the Kushiro region are: Lake Masho, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Akan.The rivers in the Kushiro region have the appearance of a spider web.
Though when kushiro was first made a national park in 1987 the number of Tancho has grown exponentially through the years. Making Kushiro a grate tourist attraction and educational. Thank You for you time.
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