How-To: Makeup

General steps/tips:

* Use any pale sickly color as a foundation
* Add shadow and highlight colors to create the classic sunken eyed and gaunt look
* Add layers of random bruises, rotten areas, and gore splatter
* Add blood. Usually flaws in the makeup or gore effects can be hidden with more blood.
* Temporary hair color spray works nicely for concealing healthy skin that shows through rips in clothing

Usually, it is recommend that everyone do their own makeup before showing up, but if you plan to have a bunch of the living show up expecting to be zombified, here are a few tips.

* Makeup will take longer than you expect
Encourage people to do their own before the event. If you insist on making zombies onsite, plan for creating very quick, simple zombies like shown below.
* Blood…and lots of it
Nothing makes you creepy looking faster than being soaked in blood
* Bruise Wheels / Makeup Sets
Most costume makeup companies produce sets of colors for creating bruises (usually ugly reds, blues, greens, and yellows).
* Cheap makeup sponges
Hit a dollar store for a bunch of the cheapest makeup applicators you can find

A little dark red/brown/grey smeared under the eyes, a few messy bruises, and some blood and you have a two minute zombie!



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