Conform or Live Your Dream?
We live in a world where being your self is a problem. You get labeled or criticized for not following a certain rule. Who came up with these rules? Who said we had to follow these rules? Where was I when these certain rules was being made up? I'm a student athlete. I always been good at sports when I was little. I abstracted so much attention because I was tall and of course a girl. I was not just a girl, I was a girl that can play all guys sports. I got tease for being different. I never knew football, basketball, or baseball was a guy sport. That's a rule that society have made. It’s so many rules we live by on this earth, it make you wonder are people really being them self. I do not think being different or not following rules is rebelling at all, its calling living your dream. Don’t get me wrong; if you not rebelling to make a difference on your life then you should definitely conform. It’s actually people out here that’s afraid to be them self because of society expectations. A 41 year old women name Sarah Thomas haves the internet going wild. She is the first National Football League women referee. She have the ability just like any other male referee to direct a professional game. The men only world doesn’t think she could. They think she’s going to say the wrong call and not know her knowledge about the game. Who ever said refereeing a professional league was a man job? Oh, because a female can’t play football she shouldn’t be refereeing it? We are all equal, there are males that are nurses, teachers and secretaries. We shouldn’t live in a world where not going outside what you believe to make others happy. Thomas is rebelling to not only make her life better but for other females with same dream. If you stay in a conform world forever you will never grow. The problem people face every day is that they get so comfortable with the usual. You feel like you doing something wrong, when you not following a simple rule as in all females should be teacher or nurses. When you think of rebelling you think of drugs, tattoo, or being destructive. Rebelling doesn’t always mean being negative. Standing up for what you believe in and not agreeing with society. I believe every women have the ability to do a male job or sport. I will hope in the future there will be more females like Thomas. That will not be stuck in a world where made up rules from people we don’t know control our lives. I’m a student athlete, some people might say I’m rebelling everyday by playing a male sport. I agree, because being a young athletic I grew up with people saying “girls can’t play basketball.” I witness a hand full of females better than guys in a guy sport. I think a lot people in my generation have effect on the term “rebelling.” We was born to conform not knowing where these rules came from. Once you get a number of people that doesn’t follow those rules we get labeled as rebellion. Truth be told we just don’t agree and standing up for others who been felt that way. I believe everyone should follow what they believe in. If it don’t have you in prison, keep making a difference. Conform or be different?usa-today-7514500.0.jpg References:
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