HI 204 World Civilization Since 1600


Weekly topics for written assignments to be uploaded in weekly course drop boxes:

January 13 – 16 Tell me about yourself- why did you enroll in the class;
who is your adviser and give me contact info

Week 2 January 17 – 23 Who was Nicholas Flamel and how did he tie in with
Alchemy and the Scientific Revoluiton?

Week 3 January 24 - 30 Give many examples of from my power point notes
about 17th and 18th Century Absolute Monarchs and
are there ANY EXAMPLES TODAY …of this?

Week 4 Feb. 1-6 Explain from notes, web searches and possibly your
Textbook .. what the dark side of the second Industrial
Revolution was like for working people … and tie this
Into today… if the minimum wage was abolished*

Week 5 February 7-13 Write in great detail what the ‘Age of Enlightenment’
was about,.. and explain how it is relevant TODAY!

prepare for your first Test over the power point notes on these topics ***

Week 6 February 14-20 Write about the MANY causes of what would start
The French Revolution in 1789

Week 7 February 21-27 Explain in GREAT DETAIL . . how Napoleon
Bonaparte would conquer France first …. and then
T H E W O R L D ***

prepare for your second test over the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

Week 8 Feb. 28-March 6 Briefly explain what the Congress of Vienna was
about and its accomplishments and then detail what the
world has today . . that is much like the C. of Vienna*

Week 9 March 7 – 13 From my notes, explain the MAJOR political
ideologies that emerged from the 1830s and 1840s
and how these “ologies” and “isms” are still
relevant today!

*SPRING BREAK * March 14th through the 20th SPRING BREAK

Week 10 March 21 - 27 Write in great detail how the short Crimean War
would change military technologies and warfare
that would be evident 60 years later in WWI

Week 11 March 28 – April 3 Explain Marxism and how it is relevant today
As witnessed by you in your everyday life and in
21st Century American society.

Week 12 April 4 – April 10 Explain the many factors that start the arms race
in Europe by the 1890s . . setting the stage for
the coming world war.

prepare for your third test over topics covering 1814 – 1914 **

Week 13 April 11th – 17th From online searches, power point notes and
outside reading sources … detail the role of
His role afterward … shaping the Middle East.

Week 14 April 18th – 24th Explain how and WHERE Fascism begins

Week 15 April 25th - May 1st Explain in great detail what happened to the
German Rocket scientists at the end of WW II?

Weeks 16-17 May 2nd through May 13th Finish your Wiki project***
. .. and prepare for your final test due Wedneday, May 11th over WWI, the Rise of Dictators,
WWII and The rise of Global Terrorism

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