HI 104 World Civilization to 1600

Welcome to World Civilization up to the time of Elizabeth I of England


Week 1 Aug. 16th - 21st Personal Bio, Contact info and adviser

Week 2 Aug. 22nd - 28th Explain EVERYTHING you can about….
the Yonaguni Pyramids off of Japan

Week 3 Aug. 29-Sept. 4 Could the Egyptian Pyramids TRULY have
been built with stoneage tools and in the time period?

Week 4 Sept. 5 – 11 How is your everyday life shaped and influenced
by ancient Chinese inventions?

Week 5 Sept. 12-18 Explain how the Ancient Indian civilization has
shaped and influenced the modern world today

Week 6 Sept. 19-25 WHY,.. did the Western Roman Empire fall?

Week 7 Sept. 26-Oct. 2 How is Islam and Christianity.. SIMILIAR?

Week 8 Oct. 3 – 9 Explain the differences and history between the
Sunni and Shi’ite sects within the Islamic religion?

Week 9 Oct. 10 – 16 Explain the basic beliefs in and differences
between Hinduism and Buddhism which BOTH
began on the Indian subcontinent?

Week 10 Oct. 17-23 Discuss the history and importance of Timbuktu?

Week 11 Oct. 24-30 How did the Vikings influence ancient Russia?

Week 12 Oct. 31–Nov. 6 Were the Middle Ages truly the Dark Ages?

Week 13 Nov. 7-13 How did the Black Death change European society?

Week 14 Nov.14-20 How did the Renaissance change European society?

Week 15 Nov. 21-27 What caused the Protestant Reformation in 1517?

Weeks 16 – 17 Nov. 28th – December 9th -> WIKI PROJECTS DUE

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