Depression is a state of mind where, a person feels deep sadness or low self esteem, due to traumatic events that had occurred in a persons life. There are Different types of Depression, such as, Atypical depression, Melancholic depression, Catatonic depression.

- Loss of pleasure and Enjoyment of normal activities that they would normally enjoy
- thoughts of being worthless
- guilt or regret
- helplessness
- hopelessness or self hatred
- loss of memory or trouble of remembering.

Some people will develop Insomnia where the person is unable to fall asleep or wake up repeatedly during the night. Studies shown to prove that 80% of people with depression will develop Insomnia.

Although some people will lose sleep some with gain sleep this is a disorder called Hypersomnia where the person will oversleep only 15% of people will develop this will in depression.


Many biological and psychological factors may occur to cause depression to occur. The type of life you live will affect your psychological stability, if you are on a low income job working long hours, will cause a stressful situation trying to pay all your bills on time not being able to buy things for yourself. Stress is a big factor in Depression many people that have situation will develop depression, lonely because of the stress. Depression can be triggered by big events that happen in your life, a death in the family or a friend, the loss of the love of your life either in death or break up.


Psychotherapy is used along with medication. Psychotherapy is "talking work" where the client meets with a therapist to talk about his or hers problems and events that are happening in their life. The point of this is to allow the client to express their feelings and thoughts on something to relieve stress and change attitudes towards something, and looking at it in a different point of view.

There are different types of these sessions there is short term where the Doctor meets with the client for a 16 week period of structured conversation talking about what is currently happening. The psychologist takes control on guiding the conversation bringing up topics and helping the client see around the event in different ways.

The other type of session would is long term these sessions can last up to over a year. In these sessions the client is talking more freely about anything he so chooses. They will talk about the client's childhood and how it may be related to or affecting the clients relationships in the present.

Psychoeducation is another type of treatment where the client learns about the affects of depression, the causes, the treatments. Knowing the information of the disorder, can sometimes help the person to conquer the problem. This also allows them to talk about related issues that they are having.

Family Interventions is where the members of the family meet with the person who is having trouble and they talk to him about what the problem is that he is having and what they are going through and how it is affecting them.

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