Cultural Anthropology 2016-2017

Anthropologists have studied humankind all over the world for hundreds of years. Even before the scientific studies of humankind began people were curious about other peoples around them. Travel is quite an educator. Anthropologists' fieldwork has been instrumental in helping us see ourselves from worldwide perspectives.

Dr. Linda Davis-Stephens, Instructor


Alexsis Dennis
Thomas County was organized on October 8th of 1885. The county was named after General George Hentry Thomas who was a hero in the Battle of Chickamauga. Townships in the county were named after other soldiers that died in the battle. The county cover 1,080 square miles; it is 30x36 miles. Thomas County contains the towns of Colby, Gem, Mingo, Menlo, Rexford, Brewster, and part of Oakley. When Thomas County was first organized, there were many railroad lines that went through it. These included three lines of Union Pacific Railroad and Rock Island. Because of these railroad lines the population grew from 161 to 1900 from the year of 1887 to 1888. According the the Kansas Historical Society, the Colby Christian Church was the first church that was founded in Thomas County in 1882. The first county fair was hosted in 1917, and was later voted to be an annual event in 1926. There is one community college located in Colby, obviously Colby Community College that was started in 1963. Other schools located in the county are in Colby, Rexford, and Brewster; plus multiple private and home schools. The first school district in Thomas County was organized in 1882, located 5 miles south of colby. There are many medical locations located in the county these are Citizens Medical Center Inc. which is a non profit hospital in Colby, that started off of donations in 1982. Other places include Family Center for Health Care, Colby Health and Rehab, Prairie Senior Living Complex, and Fairview, many chiropractors, dentists, and physical therapy locations. The Thomas County courthouse was built in Colby in 1906. The county commissioners were issued a bond of $50,000 to build this building. The courthouse is a building that is a Romanesque style, including lots of detailing and limestone. There was an addition to the courthouse in 1975, during this time they added a bell tower and a clock. This addition costs $1,200.I was born and raised in Colby KS. Thomas County will always be my home. I’m proud to have grown up here. The history is something that has always been interesting to me. Also the Prairie Museum of Art and History is always a great place to learn about local history.


Jayla Helus

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