HI 176 American History to 1865

This course details how people have acted in the past thus, creating history in America. Historians interpret events and tell the causes and effects these events had on people, families, communities and what will become our nation up to the summer of 1865. The opening chapters focus on ancient cultures before Columbus landed in 1492 on what today is the Caribbean Island where the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are (which is why they call the time before 1492 AD/CE - preColumbian).. and then continues with further European exploration through the 1600s, resulting conflicts and wars . . resulting in the new Republic of the United States . .that will change culturally, politically and economically as a result of foreign and civil wars.

+Watch this clip from Gods and Generals, as Stonewall Jackson's Virginians hold the line and win for the CSA!

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