2014 Fall Sociology II

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The Study of Society


Sociology focuses on identifying, explaining, and interpreting patterns and processes of human social relations. This introductory course is designed not just to teach you some of the major findings of sociology, but to help you master fundamental sociological skills, including the ability to think with a "sociological imagination" as well as integrate "technological fluency" with "informational literacy" utilizing basic computer-based data analysis—skils which have broad applicability in a range of educational and work settings.

Our goal in this class is for you to gain a different perspective of a diverse world often taken for granted and to gain new insight into the ways that society shapes people and the way people shape their society. Our objectives are directed at building competence as a critical thinker and change agent so that you will better able to raise relevant questions about the direction in which society is moving, interpret social trends, and examine significant social problems.

It is my hope that this hands-on experience of "doing" sociology will both enliven your interest in sociological analysis and help you develop practical skills that you can use in other contexts as well. We can best understand the process of social interaction when we understand the person in place and in time. Our syllabus sets the place, time and process of this course for you the person.

Welcome to my world, your world, our world.
Dr. Michael Thompson

Improper Placement of Essay/No References

Zane Winger

Double Standards
Today’s world is ruled by double standards. Men are the bread winners, woman raise the children. This is what the norm in the US is today. This has changed slightly over recent years but is still what is generally acceptable. Men are expected to make more money than woman and in most studies this is accurate. Woman push for equality, but most would find it odd if a man would stay at home and a woman would be the bread winner. I honestly don’t think that we will ever get to a point where woman will be considered equals to men. The United States will always be ruled by double standards. Men will always make more money than woman. Is it right? No, but I think it will always be the social norm in United States.


Danel Stithem-Digital Story

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