2013-Fall Sociology-Accelerated


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Welcome to Sociology

The Study of Society.


Sociology focuses on identifying, explaining, and interpreting patterns and processes of human social relations. This introductory course is designed not just to teach you some of the major findings of sociology, but to help you master fundamental sociological skills, including the ability to think with a "sociological imagination" as well as integrate "technological fluency" with "informational literacy" utilizing basic computer-based data analysis—skils which have broad applicability in a range of educational and work settings.

Our goal in this class is for you to gain a different perspective of a diverse world often taken for granted and to gain new insight into the ways that society shapes people and the way people shape their society. Our objectives are directed at building competence as a critical thinker and change agent so that you will better able to raise relevant questions about the direction in which society is moving, interpret social trends, and examine significant social problems.

It is my hope that this hands-on experience of "doing" sociology will both enliven your interest in sociological analysis and help you develop practical skills that you can use in other contexts as well. We can best understand the process of social interaction when we understand the person in place and in time. Our syllabus sets the place, time and process of this course for you the person.

Welcome to my world, your world, our world
Dr. Michael Thompson

Stefan Gligorijevic
Dr. Thompson

Traveling around the Europe I met many people and there cultures. United States of America was new experience, new people, new culture, new places. But in my opinion people are the same all around the World. In every country there are religious people, business people, farmers, robbers ,etc.
People from my country doesn’t like Americans. Also Russians, actually more then 60-70% of population in the World doesn’t like United States of America. Some of them have good reasons but most of them have that opinion because of there government and media in there countries. On another side in USA people hates Russia, North Korea, in almost every American movie Russians or Serbians are terrorist, we are killing our children, mothers, we hate the world I mean we are always bad boys. When I say that I’m from Serbia people think that I’m kind of terrorist or that is Serbia is still in the war. And they don’t even know where is Serbia. And if I ask them what do you think were is Serbia, they will say somewhere in Russia. And distance between capital cities in Serbia and Russia is 2 499 km. So Serbia in not really in Russia. Last mount everybody were talking about Syria. Well your media actually government told you a story that, they want to go in Syria to help somebody. Ooh nooo, that is THE GREATEST lie that I ever heard. Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, Iran, these are some of the countries where you have been, or where you are even today. We don’t want you in our countries, when I say that I mean we don’t want your ARMY in our countries. I have been in 7-8 states, I met a lot of people and I like all of them, I think you are really good nation. But your government send as wrong picture.
Your government and your media doesn’t show you real picture of World. But that is not just yours problem, every country has that problem, I’m really trying to explain every time when I have a chance. Nothing is like seems. People are everywhere the same. Some people never will believe me but people are the same everywhere, there is no point to hate anybody. Governments trying to manipulate as.


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